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I’ve attempted to say something about myself, what I do, what I’m like and what I’m interested in. You can find a small biography, a potted history of my work and a few other things that may be of interest. With this new website and a new Twitter account, I now have more ways of sharing with you the articles I write for various publications and videos of my talks and lectures. I hope you'll find them useful.
I do...
I seem to do all sort of things. I’m Chairman of Saffron Brand Consultants, which is based in London, Madrid, Istanbul, Lima. We also operate from a few other places around the world. I still find it very exciting to help run a company.

I got interested in place branding before the term existed and I've worked in some unusual places from Lithuania to West Bengal. Non-government organisations and not-for-profit organisations are learning about branding and reputation building and I’ve become very interested in this. Other than that, I have a few private clients for which I mostly act as a second opinion to the Chairman.

Over the years I’ve been a Visiting Professor at quite a few Universities and Business Schools, but I’m cutting that down now. What I really enjoy is mentoring my colleagues in our various offices. I hope they enjoy it too. Well, they say they do.

If you want to know more about me, here’s my latest biography.

My work
Over the years I have worked with many of the world's largest organisations including Renault, VW, Tata and BT on branding and identity issues. As co-founder and Chairman of Saffron Brand Consultants, I’ve worked on a number of interesting jobs. Here are a few I’ve worked on over the last few years:
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Mondragon’s is the world’s largest industrial cooperative. A different kind of capitalism – perhaps the Occupiers around the world might like to take a look at it.
I am also advising Fujitsu, one of the world’s biggest IT companies on branding.
A few years ago, I worked for AkzoNobel, one of the largest chemicals company in the world.
Since 2009, Saffron and I have worked closely with C&A to refresh its brand. See the project case study here.
I‘m a Londoner, so it was a great joy to work for it. I think the brand expresses the quirky, understated, confident, self-deprecating style that anyone who knows London will recognise. See the project case study here.
I've just finished working with Rocco Forte Hotels on repositioning their brand. The new strategy emphasises the individuality and authenticity of the hotels in their portfolio.
Wally Olins
What I'm like
I am “the world’s leading practitioner of branding and identity”. It must be true because The Financial Times says so.

I try to be direct and clear. I simply tell my clients the truth as I see it, without too much gloss or varnish because that’s what I’m there for. Of course it’s nice to be nice. But it’s also nice to be straight. I can’t stand people who don’t return phone calls and are generally sloppy, but apart from that I’m told I’m reasonable to work with. And I like having a bit of a laugh.

I read a lot, especially modern history. I like travelling, seeing new places and meeting new people - which is fortunate because that’s what a lot of my work is about. If you want to be less polite, you could say I like sticking my nose into other people’s business.

For recreation I like walking. Mostly with my dog, sometimes with my wife, occasionally with both. I also like cinema, the opera, theatre and lunch or dinner parties where everyone talks. I’ve just stopped being interested in fast, expensive cars.
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